Are You Ready For Change?

We’ve witnessed so many times changes happening in peoples lives, including us, when they commit to living a life above the grind.
Your daily practices help you to open up to the possibilities that are available to you. JK Connect gives you the tools, methods and guidance you need so you can actually take action on it. 
As a result of working these practices life gets amazing. 
Feeling good taking the action ends up becoming the norm for you. You come up with inspired ideas more easily and know the inspired action to take, leaving you feeling more connected with others and confident in yourself.

Do You Ever...

  • Find yourself playing small?
  • ​Not knowing which way to turn?
  • ​Stuck in the same old patterns? 
  • ​Uninspired in work 
  • ​Not sure how to make change?
  • ​Worry about not having the health you want?
  • ​Feel lost or unsatisfied in relationships

You want to make that awesome change in your life and not quite sure how to do it? JK Connect University has your back. We have seen changes happen again and again in people and now we have created something simple that will inspire positive results. 

Let Us Introduce You To JK Connect University 

We created this membership to help you live a life above the grind and get out of the monotony of everyday living.
We believe there is a life where you are empowered to take charge, stop self sabotage and live an extraordinary life of happiness.

JK Connect University At A Glance 

A Private Facebook supportive community to connect with likeminded people. 
Trainings jam packed with strategies from Joel and Kristine to leave you empowered.
Immediate access to trainings. You don't have to wait to get started. 
Money Mindset bonus unit section to transform your relationship with money. 
Live trainings into the private Facebook group from Joel and Kristine.
Keep inspired and up to date with exclusive emails direct to your inbox from JK Connect 

A life above the grind and monotony of everyday living. We give simple strategies to empower you to take charge and flourish in the key areas of life such as business, relationships, health, financial, family, career and more. We specialise in small business start ups to medium size enterprises with over 35 years experience between us. I’m the confidence queen and Joel’s the strategist and together we get you to start believing in the not yet seen. Just because you haven’t achieved something before doesn’t mean it’s not possible.

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